Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New Moon by Stephanie Meyer

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New Moon (The Twilight Saga)New Moon is the second installment of Stephanie Meyer's Twilight saga. In this book the reader learns more about Jacob Black. Jacob and Bella become best friends and spend a lot of time together. Bella is comforted by Jacob's presence and her father, Charlie, couldn't be happier that she is spending so much time with Billy's son.

I thought this book was better than the first one. It was more interesting and had more going on. It moved away from the school scene and had moments of action and suspense. I found this book took the reader through more emotions than the first. It expanded from the simple romance between Edward and Bella and made the characters' relationships more complicated.
New Moon introduced new characters and explored some in-depth. However, learning more about the characters isn't always a good thing. For example, I think if Bella was a real person, I would not get along with her because of certain personality traits. But even though I am not fond of Bella, she is more realistic. It is refreshing to read a book that has such a different take on the protagonist. I don't think main characters should be perfect, cookie-cutter people all of the time.

New Moon kept my attention from the beginning. It was better than I expected (compared to the first one), so I give this book a Thumbs Up.

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