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  1. Hey everyone. One of our readers has two new blogs for you to visit: Sarah's Reviews for more great book reviews (http://ssbookreviews.blogspot.com/) and Weeding Your Writing (http://weedingyourwriting.blogspot.com/) for helpful tips for writers.

    Please check them out.

    And if you'd like to see your link on this blog just leave a post here.

  2. Thanks Amanda! I've put your link on my links page. :)


  3. That's great Sarah! I am always open to trading links. If you ever make a badge or widget for your blog, let me know and I'll put it on my home page. And, if I can get more links for other blogs I'll make an actual blog list that's more formal than comments.

  4. love your blog Amanda! You write with intelligence and I enjoyed reading your opinions. I still haven't made it through the first chapter of The Host, but I'm not giving up because of your recommendation.

  5. Hey Amanda! This is the link for my new blog http://booksandstuff-kstar.blogspot.com/ I'm looking forward to reading your reviews too :)

  6. Hey Amanda! Thought you might be interested in checking out another review sight. Similar concept different type of books haha:) http://thesummerbookshelf.blogspot.com/
    Just got your widget created my own with that site too so thanks alot for that:) I link back to your blog in my "About the Project" section:)
    Happy Reading!

  7. Looking forward to some new reviews!!