Tuesday, November 22, 2011

The Passage by Justin Cronin

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``The Andromeda Strain meets The Stand in this startling and stunning thriller that brings to life a unique vision of the apocalypse and plays brilliantly with vampire mythology, revealing what becomes of human society when a top-secret government experiment spins wildly out of control``

In The Passage by Justin Cronina U.S. army experiment has gone horribly wrong. Terror begins to take over the world in the form of mutated, vampire-like, humans. It was FBI agent Brad Wolgast`s job to bring convicts from death row to the research facility in Colorado for experimentation. These test subjects were infected with a virus that had the potential to cure all human illnesses and, thus, make a stronger human race. The last subject to be tested was a six-year old girl. But Wolgast could not ignore his impulse to do what he felt was right. He bravely kidnaps the girl, saving her from a gruesome future, and the two hide away in the mountains as destruction unravels below them.

Like The Strain, The Passage brings back the gruesome, apocalyptic spin on vampires. Twilight fans will not like this book (you can't cuddle up with these vampires). These ones are out for blood. They don't drive cars or wear clothes, they don't even have hair! They are the undead, bent on extinguishing the human race.

The Passage is broken into parts. I really enjoyed the first part of the story when Cronin was building up to the outbreak. But then the story jumps into the future and that is where it lost me. I tried really hard to like this book but I just didn't like the total turnaround of the plot. It was like the book I was reading was really good and then it ended abruptly and a new story began with all new characters and I just found I could not get into it. I didn't even finish the book! And I ALWAYS finish my books. It left me feeling very disappointed. The transition, for me, was a complete fail. I give this book a sad Thumbs Down.

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