Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mister B. Gone by Clive Barker

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Mister B. Gone"Burn this book. Go on. Quickly, while there's still time. Burn it. Don't look at another word. Did you hear me? No. One. More. Word."

This is how Clive Barker's novel, Mister B. Gone, begins. Jakabok Botch pleads with the reader to burn the book and warns of terrible consequences if they keep reading. Jakabok is a demon trapped in the book. He was born in the 9th circle of Hell. He has scaly skin, two tails, and a burned, oozing face. He was caught by humans and pulled up through the circles of Hell. Once above he escaped and lived for many years in disguise. Jakabok and his friend, Quitoon, brought terror to all. He chronicles his life leading up to his entrapment in the book and ends with a battle between Heaven and Hell.

Mister B. Gone is a short novel written like a diary. Jakabok carries the reader through the novel by begging the reader to burn the book and then giving in and revealing some more of his story. The book continues like this until he has confessed his entire life. His pleading becomes increasingly more aggressive until he is graphically threatening the reader. The events of his long life are vile and disturbing including a bath of babies' blood. Uchh!

I found this book to be enjoyable at first. I liked how the demon was talking directly to me and thought his threats were entertaining.  However, it seemed half of the book was threats. It actually got a little old. I felt like skipping these repetitive parts. The plot was overly simple. There were few characters and you did not get to know them with any depth. I was glad when the book was finished. I actually felt like burning this book, but for different reasons.

If you are a horror fanatic you should give this book a try. Otherwise, be considered warned.  It left me feeling queasy and was disappointing in the end. I, unfortunately, have to give this book a Thumbs Down.
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  1. Great critique, I look forward to the margaret atwood novel, it is a classic and your veiw of it will be interesting!!!

  2. I love the honesty and the humor you make of this review. It's good to hear from reviewers about the bad books just as much as the good ones. All too often we only hear about the positives so thank you so much for sharing with us all!

  3. I'm excited to review Cat's Eye too. Margaret Atwood is a great Canadian writer but this will be the first book of hers that i read.

  4. Cathy. . . thanks for the compliment. I strive to be honest with my reviews whether good or bad. But I want readers to remember that it's just my opinion and everyone has different preferences. Just because I gave this book a Thumbs Down doesn't mean I don't want horror fans to try it.