Friday, February 11, 2011

The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga

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The White Tiger: A NovelThe White Tiger is a fictional novel about Balram Halwai. Born in the slums of India, Balram was destined to be a common servant. That was until he caught his lucky break. He became the driver for a wealthy landlord (a driver is similar to a servant but with a more desirable paycheck) and, against all odds, he later became a successful entrepreneur. But Balram is not just a businessman, he is also a murderer. Sitting beneath his chandelier, Balram unravels an astonishing tale in the form of a letter to the premier of China.

The White Tiger is Aravind Adiga's "blazingly savage and brilliant" debut novel. In less than 300 pages, Balram "The White Tiger" Halwai narrates his life's story "with a charisma as undeniable as it is unexpected". Despite being a murderer I could not help but feel sympathetic for Balram while at times he could seem arrogant and out-of-touch with his sanity.

There were a few areas in the book where the narrative jumped backwards to unspecified times but overall I felt this novel read smoothly. It is an entertaining, informative, and darkly humourous perspective of India, religion, and morals.

I give this book a Thumbs Up. Anyone who liked Slum Dog Millionaire should read this book.
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  1. You know, I've seen that book on the shelves for ages and never once thought to pick it up to see what it was about. I've got to say that I definitely wouldn't have guessed it was about a murderer. Glad you liked it! Think you'll read his other one?

  2. Yes I want to read his other book (Between Assassinations) I actually went to buy it for $9.99 but that day it went off sale so I am keeping my eye open for a cheap copy.

  3. I read this in my university English lit. course and it was amazing. I found a great depth in the plot and characters, great for study and enjoyment alike!! Great review!

  4. Must be an enjoyable read The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga . loved the way you wrote it. I find your review very genuine and orignal, this book is going in by "to read" list.

  5. mohit . . . I'm glad you enjoyed this post and have decided to read it. If you like this book (which im sure you will) stay tuned because I plan on reviewing Adiga's book Between The Assassinations.

    And im super stoked because i found a new hardcover copy for only 5 bucks! yay! i love a bargain.