Monday, January 24, 2011

Angela's Ashes by Frank McCourt

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Angela's Ashes: A MemoirAngela's Ashes is a memoir that chronicles the life of Irish-American Frank McCourt. McCourt was born in 1930 in Brooklyn, New York but he spent most of his childhood in Ireland. Whether in the USA or in Ireland, his family lived in extreme poverty. They had little nutrition, lived in unsanitary conditions, had to struggle through the cold winters, and suffered from the tragic deaths of several of McCourt's siblings. Angela's Ashes captures in the innocence of an impoverished boy as he learns about life and grows into a responsible young man headed back to the USA.

Angela's Ashes was a moving story about family, morals, and surviving through tough obstacles. Frank McCourt not only survived starvation, a drunken father, and heartbreak, but he was able to later live successfully as a teacher. He tells his story with touches of humour but his message is a serious one.

This was a very good read. I do not recommend it on your next vacation or at the beach. It is a sad story more suited for a quiet winter day. It's a story that should be shared, especially among those of us that are Irish descendants. It shows us one of the darkest sides of life in Ireland in the 1930' and 40's yet, at the same time, sheds light on that darkness.

I give this book a Thumbs Up.

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