Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Peony in Love by Lisa See

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Peony in Love: A NovelPeony in Love is a historical fiction about a young girl in 17th century China. Peony's parents believe that unmarried girls should stay in the home at all times. But on one special day, she is allowed to view a play on their property; protected from sight by a screen. She is able, though, to glimpse a man whom she instantly becomes infatuated with. Tragically, Peony has been arranged to marry another man she has not met. Overtime, Peony falls so deeply in love with this man that she becomes heartbroken when her wedding day draws near. It affects her so much so that she becomes deathly ill. "So begins Peony's unforgettable journey of love and destiny, desire and sorrow-as Lisa See's haunting new novel, based on actual historical events, takes readers back to seventeenth-century China, after the Manchus seize power and the Ming dynasty is crushed."

Peony in Love is based on accurate historical events and cultural aspects. In this book, Lisa See again explores the roles of women in China. I was happy that the cultural traditions were not repeats of Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. See added a twist by including the traditions and rituals of the after-life.

I thought this book was even better than Snow Flower and the Secret Fan. It began with some heavier historical content and Chinese language but quickly became much easier to read. The story was beautifully written and very tragic. There was a twist close to the beginning that I was not expecting and it made the story so much more interesting! I give this book a huge Thumbs Up.

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  1. If you're a Lisa See fan like myself, you may be interested in this youtube video. Lisa See discusses her latest book Shanghai Girls.


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