Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Sail by James Patterson

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In Sail, byJames Patterson, Katherine Dunne takes her three children on a boating trip as a desperate attempt to bring peace to her family. After her husband passed away, the family dynamic took a turn for the worst. The children were hit the hardest and are having a difficult time coping with the death of their father. Katherine is having an even harder time trying to make her children happy. Her daughter is threatening to commit suicide, her eldest son is experimenting with drugs, and her 10-year old boy is deeply depressed. The trip is destined to be horrible. But the Dunne family couldn't begin to imagine just how horrifying their vacation could be. In an unlikely turn of events Katherine and her children are forced into a dangerous path that both threatens their lives and brings them closer together after all.

 "With whiplash plot twists, speedboat pacing, and an eye for the evil that can lie behind even the most gorgeous setting, James Patterson delivers Sail–the wettest, most explosive ocean adventure since Jaws."

This is the first book I have read by James Patterson but I can already see that he ". . . knows how to sell thrills and suspense in clear, unwavering prose." His writing style appears effortless and paves the road for smooth reading. Patterson makes it impossible to put this book down. The chapters are very short so it feels as though you are flying through the book. Speed readers could finish this book in a night. It is a great book to take to the cottage or on vacation. Just make sure you bring more than one book with you because this one won't last long. I give this book a Thumbs Up!
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