Saturday, April 30, 2011

Need by Carrie Jones

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After witnessing her father die suddenly, Zara is stricken with grief. Struggling with a crushing depression she is sent to live with her grandmother. If coping with the loss of her father isn't enough she must now face living in a new place, going to a new school and meeting new people. But that's not all, Zara's life may be in danger. A mysterious man has been stalking her leaving a trail of gold dust. When a boy from school goes missing Zara learns that the quiet Maine town is not as it appears.

Need by Carrie Jones is a young adult novel. The main character is relatable to today's young readers. Zara has an obsession with phobias and frequently tells the reader names and meanings such as didaskaleinophobia the fear of going to school. At the beginning of the book she appears to be dark and moody. But soon we find that she is an anti-war activist who is involved with Amnesty International and is greatly concerned for the well-being of others.

This was the first teen book I have read since Twilight so I guess my expectations were too high. The plot was simple, the characters were two-dimensional, the love interest was lame, and Zara was obnoxious and pretentious. This book is better left to the teens, it doesn't translate well for adults as Twilight had. I give this book a Thumbs Down.
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