Friday, August 6, 2010

Water for Elephants by Sara Gruen

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Water for Elephants: A NovelWater for Elephants takes place during the Depression. A young man, Jacob, leaves his life behind after a terrible tragedy. He jumps on a train and begins working with a travelling circus. He becomes good friends with a circus worker and infatuated with a beautiful performer who is married to a cruel animal trainer.Jacob also becomes friends with an elephant, Rosie.

This was a very good book. It was a quick read and good for the summer. The author creates a vivid description of the struggling circus. You can almost see the crew members set up, the acts performed for the crowds, and the sweet elephant Rosie. Animal lovers will like this book. There are some parts about animal cruelty which I didn't like but overall it wasn't that bad. While a lot of the book evolved around Jacob's friendship with Rosie, there was also a love interest with Marlena.

I give this book a Thumbs Up.
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  1. If you are going to read Water for Elephants do not read the prologue. It gives away the climax of the story. Save it for the end. Someone told me that before I read it and I was glad they did. ;)

  2. Good news! Water for Elephants is going to be a movie! Starring Robert Pattinson as Jacob.

  3. If you liked this one, check out Sara Gruen's new book Ape House!

  4. I loved this book and will read it again and again. It is so original and fun! I was disappointed when it was over, I wanted more. This is the story of Jacob who is in his nineties and remembers being young in the life of the circus, he remembers the circus train. He has memories of very strange people. He found the circus when his luck was about to run out.