Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Being Dead by Jim Crace

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Being Dead: A NovelIn Being Dead, Joseph and Celice visit Baritone Bay, their special place, to rekindle a lost flame. While enjoying a picnic they are brutally murdered. Crace traces back their history from the day they met as college students up until their tragic deaths.

Throughout the story, Crace vividly describes what happens to their decomposing bodies, from bugs to the effects of the weather. Then flashes back to when Joseph and Celice were alive and works up to how they died. It sounds confusing with the time changes but it was easy to follow.

I had wanted to read this book years ago when I was into horror novels and the somewhat grotesque. When I couldn't find it in store I reluctantly settled for Crace's The Pesthouse. I just recently ordered Being Dead and was so excited because I had waited so long.

Unfortunately I waited too long to get this book. My taste in books has drastically changed and broadened since then. I found that the writing was good but the description of their decomposing bodies made me very squeamish. And the story of their life was equally depressing. They had a fairly mundane, passionless life and were not given the chance to redeem themselves.

I found this book to be boring, disgusting, depressing, and not nearly as imaginative and engrossing as The Pesthouse. I think I was so disappointed because I had waited so long to read it and I was so hyped. I give this book a sad Thumbs Down.
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  1. Hey thanks! That's really awesome.

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