Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Inge and Mira by Marianne Fredriksson

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Inge and MiraInge and Mira was written by Swedish author Marianne Fredriksson. It was translated by Anna Paterson whom I believe is from the UK. Inge is from Sweden and Mira is a refugee from Chile during a time of military unrest. When they meet they instantly become friends and share their passion for plants. However, Mira's painful past is brought to the surface. This is a book about a strong bond between two women from two different worlds.

I was misled from the summary on the back of the book. I thought it was about two divorced women that fall in love but it turned out that they were just friends. I can't say that I understood their relationship though. I didn't understand the book. I had no idea what was going on most of the time. I only clued into a few bits but overall I completely missed the message/plot. I think a lot was lost in translation and it was nothing like I expected. It was hard for my to visualize what was happening, the characters were confusing, the plot was unstructured, and the overall writing style lacked fluidity.

I give this book a Thumbs Down.
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